York Street Leather    The Process
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Seven Very Easy Steps to Process your Project

1. Choose your application:
What is the proposed use? Library? Powder Room?
Wall or Floor? What effect? Combined with other materials?
2. Select your Pattern:
Let your application be your guide,
What is the best scale and proportion for the tile or paneling in the room?
3. Select Your Material:
Let the use be your guide.
4. Determine Initial Dimensions:
Allows for YSS to generate scale drawing base on general dimensions.
Field dimensions required for final estimate confirmation.
5. Production:
Begins on approval of YSS leather confirmation sample and measurement
dimension check off list indicated on invoice.
Allow 3 - 6 weeks for delivery.
6. Installation:
Process managed start to finish by installer
i.e. measuring and specification confirmation.
Installation by YSS is available. Call for quote.
7. Maintenance:
YSS recommends Leather Respect to replenish the luster of your leather.

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