York Street Leather    Specifying Leather Walls
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How do I specify York Street Leather Wall, Tiles, and Architectural Moldings?

York Street Leather Walls come in standard field sizes. YSS will custom fabricate tiles to fit precisely into any space.

Predetermined cut to size tiles minimizes installation labor, virtually eliminates on site cutting so tiles can be installed easily and precisely.

Tile pattern layout specifications and detailed overall dimensional drawings should be provided with your estimate request.

The client, architect, interior designer, or installer should confirm accuracy of on measurements prior to submitting final purchase order for the most accurate fit.

Once the pattern and material is determined, installer should confirm field dimensions and YSS can produce the final shop drawings for approval.

YSS can render all services for you from design, measuring, and installation.

What do I need to consider when selecting York Street Leathers?

York Street Studio uses the finest selections of leathers. We source our leathers from all over the world. Imperfections and slight variations to the color is part of the beauty of the material.

Made in America